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The Research teams mission is to generate products that adapt to the different regions where the company is present. The department also seeks to surpass, mainly in terms of yield, the materials planted in each region producing soybeans, corn or wheat, in which the primary objective is to increase the genetic gain that can be achieved each year. COLLECTION AND ANALYSIS OF TESTING AND BREEDING DATA: Plan and execute all activities related to the collection of field data (phenological, phenotypic and health) from testing and breeding trials and analyze these data obtained together with performance data, by evaluating and defining which locations to survey, use of data sheets and tablet as well as through the use of available software in order to guarantee the appropriate selection of materials tested in the tests based on all the information obtained | CONTRASTATION MANAGEMENT: Direct the counterseason in Yuma and in the growth chamber (speed breeding) through planning and coordination with the corresponding work teams and the subsequent selection of the varieties; in order to achieve generational advancement in the desired time and with the required characteristics of purity, cycle, etc. | REGISTRATION DEMANDS: Assist with registration demands by preparing files of the varieties that are commercial releases as well as by facilitating the necessary descriptor information with the objective of achieving the registration and approval procedures for the releases. | INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL SHIPPING: Manage and coordinate execution by coordinating with the warehouse team in order to guarantee compliance with all shipments within the established time.
Escolaridade: 3º Grau / Ensino Superior - Completo

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