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As part of GDMs Product Development team, the Intern will work with the Product Development Coordinators and Supervisors to develop hands on agronomic skills specifically related to soybean testing, management, and data collection. Work as part of a team in the following product development areas: field plot research, planting, plot establishment and maintenance, harvesting and analyzing samples, and data collection of traits important to a development program | Responsibilities may be the following or similar: Perform data collection & sample processing imperative in the development of our world-class soybeans. Scouting test plots for weeds, diseases, or other pests. Collecting agronomic characteristics and ratings of soybean varieties. Responsible for plot establishment & maintenance. Ability to coordinate and assist with all aspects of the Explore Plot Program, which includes planting, growing, harvesting, preventative maintenance of vehicles and farm equipment, and warehouse activities | Most duties will involve outdoor work | An additional project to be determined between the successful candidate and the Product Development Coordinator.
Escolaridade: 3º Grau / Ensino Superior - Completo

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